Regarding cooperation with HR Industries


HR Industries offers temp assistance as well as recruitment services (no cure, no pay). Our expertise is targeted at production and industrial enterprises, and we have thorough knowledge of all the challenges in these enterprises: staff issues, work tasks, required qualifications, etc.  You could say that we speak the same language, and our organisation, employees and our way of handling the assignments are all adapted to the services requested by production and industrial enterprises.


Mission, vision and values, and candidate database 

Mission: To be a professional working partner, who can satisfy the needs of industrial companies for labour in fields involving both highly technical as well as traditional trades, regardless of whether it concerns permanent or temporary positions.

Vision: To be the most attractive working partner for staffing and recruitment services to the industrial sector.

Values: Reliability, personal commitment, creation of results, good reputation among trade organisations as well as a good reputation among temporaries.

Candidate database: Our candidate database features well over 1,200 highly qualified employees available to the industrial sector


Our expertise at eye level:
We use to say that our expertise is at eye level particularly with production and industrial enterprises. And that is exactly what we consider to be our special strength. In our work procuring an engineer, technician, electrician, installation employee, etc., we know precisely which qualifications that person must have considering the work tasks to be performed. We know the work tasks within metal, electricity, service, maintenance, shipping, etc. And we know which qualifications are required. Our job match is not based on general or formal qualifications alone. We are close to the processes and know the tasks. We are at eye level with our customers - and are consequently "masters" of "matching" supply and demand. We will rather say pass than send out a wrong employee to a customer!


Temp assistance and recruitment:
By using our temp assistance you can rent staff for small or large projects e.g. of time-limited duration - or you can cope with temporary absence due to sickness or maternity - or you can rent staff to perform duties requiring qualifications which your company does not possess. We can comply with most employee requests from day to day, one man or a whole group of e.g. 100 men. We are flexible in our way of working. We know and observe the rules and cooperate with the trade unions to our mutual benefit. Should you need a permanent employee, you will have the opportunity to take over an employee whose qualifications you know perfectly well from the rental. The takeover can be effected already after 8-12 weeks free of charge for skilled employees! We also provide assistance with the recruitment of new employees. We are so convinced of our ability to help you that we offer you "no cure, no pay"!


What are our specialties

  •  Metals and electrical
  • Service and maintenance
  • Production and warehousing
  • Technicians and engineers
  • Administration
  • Management and HR



  • We provide unskilled labour for tasks that include the following:
  • Warehouse work for goods receiving, picking, shipping, forklift driving, etc.
  • Uncomplicated mounting tasks
  • Production work: soldering, SMD mounting, etc.
  • Packing tasks
  • Machine operators
  • Removal work, etc.



  • We provide skilled labour for tasks that include the following:
  • Electricians and automation-related tradesmen for panel & switchboard construction, testing, troubleshooting, installation, etc.
  • Mechanical installation tradesmen for implementing both smaller and larger systems
  • Smiths and machinists
  • Tool makers
  • Service and maintenance



  • We have a staff of qualified engineers,
  • production technologists, technical assistants, etc., that includes the following core competencies:
  • Technical documentation
  • Calculations
  • Product development
  • Design in 2D and 3D
  • Artwork



  • We can provide administrative personnel, primarily:
  • Bookkeepers
  • Receptionists/office assistants
  • Sales representatives, internal and external
  • Buyers
  • Employees for data input, etc.



  • We recruit strong and competent managers on all levels. We have a good network that includes:
  • Production managers, foremen
  • Machinists and engineers
  • HR Consultants, HR Assistants, HR Managers, etc.



HR Industries works all over Jutland, and with our offices in Aarhus C, Randers SV, Aalborg C and shared offices in Herning and Kolding we can accept almost all assignments in Jutland. Each of our customers will be assigned a permanent contact person in the relevant office. 


Contact information:

Bøsbrovej 3A
DK-8940 Randers SV
Tel: +45 86 42 35 40